paintings and drawings

Painting and drawing whilst stand alone works of expressive art, have always played a prominent role in the development of ceramic and sculpture work that Sonje produces. Whether its a quick sketch on a train station platform in a far away land or a larger scale painting done en plein air on a rugged outcrop over looking the sea. Without it she fails to see how a piece of three dimensional work can develop. Life drawing also has always been an essential tool for working clay pieces and Sonje has taught life drawing skills over many years.

Bleak, rocky and dramatic environments never fail to inspire: in particular places like Hampi in South India, a personal pilgrimage destination since the 1980′s, the wild moorlands of Dartmoor and West Yorkshire and the windswept northern archipelago of Shetland. Never one to be restricted by size, and by immersing herself within these vast and wild spaces Sonje captures the emotional essence and dramatic light that falls on these eccentric geological landscapes.

This section offers a selection of both large & smaller scale wall pieces made during various Artist Residencies over the decades. Where as most are in private collections some remaining pieces are available for viewing and purchase discussion. These can be viewed on The Artworks Available page on this website.